Big Iron Rack

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Product Description • Big Iron Rack

Every Pendulum Rack features 2"x 4" cross braces. These braces are the largest in the industry and provide the ultimate in strength and durability. Also included are storage weight horns and unique safety bars that are built from 7-gauge steel and covered with an impact modified high density rubber as well as a base frame constructed from 2.5”x 3.5” 7-gauge steel tubing with access points to anchor units to floor.

Our heavy-duty Pendulum Racks offer the LARGEST column dimensions with 3"x 5"x 7-gauge tubing to provide the utmost in strength and rigidity. Each upright also features patented tapered cutouts to easily and firmly attach all of the Rogers Pendulum Rack accessories.

When it comes to customization, choose a frame color that compliments your facility and school spirit, and add an Olympic Lift Platform which is engineered solid hardwood flooring, framed with a full steel tube, and can be added to one or both sides of rack.