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Train low, play low with the Rogers Mobility Chute

Defensive line coaches requested this Chute to better train second- and third-level defensive players. Teach your players to be in a good football hitting position, maintain balance, keep a good pad level, and stay low on redirection drills four different ways. The large, 10′ x 20′ size keeps players low longer than other chutes. Adjust the height from 40″ to 69″ to best challenge your players. Mesh top will not scratch helmets. Comes with four six-inch casters for easy repositioning. The Mobility Chute helps you simulate more realistic movement with low pad level. For the DBs, consider drills such as backpedal with angle breaks for speed and backpedal with a downhill break for tempo. The O-line can practice lateral slides; D-line practices stunts and angle steps. All players can work on agility with bent knees and eyes up, stepping over an Agile 1 dummy (not included). Work stalk drills with the wide receivers and defensive backs.

The Facts

Practice staying low in football position for longer distances.

Maximize practice time as wide area allows coaches to cycle through many players with lots of reps.

Mesh top allows you to run full speed drills with greater safety.

Adjust pitch of chute top to start low and rise through.