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Due to the position we place the body in, it is critical to have a strength curve that is biomechanically correct.

When the tendon on the back of the knee is overstretched or agitated from existing injury the Pendulum Prone Leg Curl gives you the ability to adjust the amount of stretch that is taking place during the leg curl by simply adjusting the S.E.T. Training on the Pendulum Prone Leg Curl, you will instantly feel the hamstring contract to avoid an overstretched position.


  • Adjustable calf roller is designed to accommodate all athletes regardless of size.
  • Convenient storage horns help manage your weight plates.
  • S.E.T. (Set Extension Technology) range limiter can be used in rehab or training through various ranges of motion.


How Pendulum Strength Machines Are Built

Manufactured in the USA

Set Extension Technology (S.E.T.)

Precision Strength Curve

Engineered strength curves for maximum results.

Accomodates Different Heights


Train with confidence surrounded by safety features including lockouts, range limiters, non-skid foot pads, and dead stops.

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