FREE Medic Or Medic XL table decals on order placed before June 30th.


Add paint and dedicate a special Pendulum Machine for a Rival in your weight room for greater challenges.


The Zercher Squat

It is fun to try the Zercher Squat and feel the struggles that young men went through to Get Strong.


Manual Labor

The inclusion and coaching of Manual Resistance training should be an integral part of all athletic programs.


Hiring Now

Now hiring! Bachelor's Degree required. Master's degree preferred. Experience as a Strength. Coach preferred, NCAA intercollegiate athlete a plus.


Hand Grip Strength

What should give us all pause is that regardless of gender, power grip and lateral pinch grip strength has declined in millennials since 1985.


Lasting Gratitude

Warrior Medical and Fitness is a non-profit organization that raises funds for fitness tools for our wounded heroes.