24’ football chute
24’ football chute

24' Trap Chute

  • $3,035.00
  • ITEM No. 410715
  • WEIGHT: 650.0 LBS
  • 650.0 LBS.
24’ football chute

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Product Description • 24' Trap Chute

Linemen practice staying low on pulling and trapping drills in the Trap Chute. Free to move laterally but limited in height, the linemen learn to evade detection by defensive players.

Run reps of short traps, long traps, kick-out blocks, counter schemes, picks, scoops, and double team. Also use the Trap Chute for standard chute drills and develop explosive take-offs and powerful offensive drives.

  • The top of steel tubes force players low - no matter in what direction they are moving.
  • Set the Trap Chute height and angle to best develop your players skills.
  • Choose your height setting from 45" to 70". Unlimited angle adjustment from 0 to 90 degrees.
  • Powder-coated steel protects your investment.