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Attenuating Impact
In the Journal of Pediatric Exercise Science, “The relationship between impact force, neck strength and neurocognitive performance in soccer heading in adolescent females.”, the
Using The Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham
The Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham is an exceptional strength training device that targets the oft-neglected proximal end of the hamstring muscle, as well as, the
MVP | DRIVE Players Taking over the NFL
The DRIVE Mobile Tackling Dummy got some great coverage recently on ESPN with representatives from MVP on hand to discuss development and use of
The Problem Is Not The Problem. It Is The Symptom.
The knee cap (patella) and the thigh bone (femur) form the patellofemoral joint. Seldom do individuals make it through life without experiencing patellofemoral pain making
Aerobic Strength Training
There is no question that if you strength train throughout your life that as you age you will retain more muscle mass than those
Ludington High School
Ludington High School is located in Ludington, Michigan near the shores of Lake Michigan. The school’s athletic department¬†just added Pendulum strength equipment to Get
Wrestling With Neck Strength
In the Journal of Clinical Sports Medicine it was reported that the risk of a collegiate wrestler sustaining some type of neck injury to be 20% for
Eating Less And Maintaining More
To ensure young athletes gain muscle mass coaches provide advice and direction. They set up workouts, have goal meetings, implement training rules, discuss and
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