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get strong

Small And Powerful
The multifidis muscle starts at the sacral bone at the base of the spine and extends upward to the second cervical vertebra. The multifidis
MX 4 Our Vets
Warrior Medical and Fitness, with a generous donation from Chadds Ford Rotary Club, Concordville, PA donated a beautiful MX-4 Multi-exerciser to the Philadelphia VA.
Learning to Get Strong
We all have a predominant style of learning whether it be auditory, visual, read-write, kinesthetic or a specific combinations there of. Coaching requires presenting
Marquette High School
Marquette Senior High School located in Marquette, Michigan uses the Pendulum Rack System to Get Strong.
Frankenmuth High School Strength Training Facility
Frankenmuth is located in Saginaw County Michigan, it is the home of the Bavarian Fest, ‘Oktoberfest’, Frankenmuth Snowfest, Great Lakes Regional Hot Air Balloon
Hamstring Flexibility And Injuries
There is no doubt that flexibility is an important component of fitness and stretching programs change plasticity. In the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical
Grip Strength And The Shoulder Rotator Cuff
A common occurrence especially in contact sports is shoulder pain as a resultant of rotator cuff pathology. People move differently in pain. Pain causes alterations in
Rogers Athletic Acquires the Assets of Athletic Training Table Manufacturer, Impact Athletic
Rogers Athletic Company, Inc. ( is happy to announce it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of Impact Athletic (, a
Getting The Most Out Of Your Grip Strength
Hand grip strength has a strong correlation with body position, which has implications in training. You can apply the most grip strength while standing,