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get strong

Grip Cart Tools
Men in general have stronger hand-grip strength than women, even when taking into acount lean body mass. Females have different distinct features in hand size and shape and men
Trunk Muscle Training
Scientific studies are essential to our daily functioning and our ability to understand nature and ourselves especially when scientists build a body of research
Warrior Medical and Fitness
Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Dan Geraci and Hardpressed Training out of Chicago, Warrior Medical and Fitness teamed with Rogers Athletics and donated
Pendulum Rope Pull Pulldowns
The Pendulum Lat Combo Pulldown comes with four standard handles and a thick grip pulling location for hand strength. Adding a ‘universal clip’ to
Targeting The Hips
The barbell squat has always been considered the king of exercises targeting and developing specific areas of an athlete’s structure has enormous benefits as
Full Range Neck Flexion
Full range neck flexion is somewhere between 82 and 90 degrees for males. Females in general have less range of motion in flexion then
Six Pendulum Neck Machines For The Midshipmen
The Naval Academy installs six Pendulum 5 Way Neck Machines to train it’s midshipmen. Getting Strong in Annapolis, Maryland.
Preparation For A Challenge
Crawling through mud, diving into ice water, leaping over fire, scaling giant walls, avoiding barbed wire are just a few of the obstacles you
The Pendulum 5 Way Neck Seated Shrug
Seated Shrugs on the Pendulum 5 Way Neck Machine are a great way to Get Strong.