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Pendulum Hip Press at University of Texas
Three new Pendulum Hip Press machines were just delivered to the University of Texas.
The Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham
Having a wide variety of training tools allows a coach and athlete to regionally target specific areas of the anatomy.  Choosing the appropriate exercise that specifically
Seton Hall Pirates
The Seton Hall Pirates Weight Room
Knee Extensions
The kneecap anatomically called the patella is the small bone embedded in a tendon in the front of the knee. The patellofemoral joint is where the
Kinesthetics And Shuttle Running
Kinesthetics is our ability to feel the sensations of our movements and the awareness of where our body is in space.  Having a kinesthetic
The Chest Press
Doing a chest press or a barbell bench press requires the lifter to externally rotate the humerus bone as or before the weight is
The Neck Machine Set-Up And Use
Gabe Harrington has a Masters degree from Michigan State University. He has coached at MSU, the United States Military Academy and was the Head
The Leg Curl Machine
The hamstrings are involved in knee flexion and hip extension. They can be regionally targeted through exercise selection. Having a leg curl machine in your facility
Middle Tennessee State
Pendulum Hip Presses at Middle Tennessee State University