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get strong

Wahama High School – Mason, West Virginia
The Wahama White Falcons are in the Tri-Valley Conference, a 16 member conference, located in southeastern Ohio and are the only school from West
Under Armour Performance Center
Under Armour Performance Center Powered by FX Studios at UA Global Headquarters is focused on increasing performance. Located on 1020 Hull Street in Baltimore, Maryland the Performance Center is a great place to Get Strong. • Group Training sessions
West Virginia Strong Men
When you are an athlete and have spent the summer in preparation for the season it is fun to compete and show off your
Strongest Man In Michigan Dumbbell Press
At this years Strongest Man in Michigan Contest they rolled out the 190 pound Mammoth thick handled dumbbell for the one arm press.  Mammoth
Strength Training The Head And Neck
The Pendulum ‘Cam’ on the 5-Way Head and Neck Machine and the 4-Way Head and Neck Machine allows the trainer to design programs that
Pendulum 5-Way Head And Neck Machines University Of Connecticut
Matt Balis, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the UConn Huskies, adds Pendulum 5-Way Head and Neck Machines to the University of Connecticut weight
Comprehensive Head and Neck Program
Rick Court, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Mississippi State University, runs a comprehensive head and neck program for increasing athletic performance as well
Weight Training Percentage Charts
Prescribing the weight and repetitions to be lifted and the volume of work to be done is key in designing resistance training programmes.  Weightlifting
Hip Rotation And Hip Pressing
Athletes with a history of chronic or recurrent lower back pain often show less overall hip rotation as well as asymmetry, that is, a