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8th Annual Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference
8th Annual Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference CEUs will be 1.2 NSCA, 9.0 BOC, CSCCa 6.75 and 12 NSPA Performance Training Center powered by
300 Yard Shuttle Sled Run
A stopwatch is needed for this full speed drill. The athlete starts the drill on the goal line. The Cougar Drive Sled is set
The Drive Sled Workout
Finish Strong This drill is to be accomplished at the end of a strength training workout. Set the Cougar Drive Sled on the football
Ladder Drive Sledding
Pushing a conditioning sled at full speed is a difficult task in itself. Pushing a sled as hard as possible when you are already
Static Stretching
A Little Physiology            A free nerve ending brings information from the body’s periphery along the spinal column to the
Training The Hips On The Hip Press
Many athletes use resistive bands to bench press and squat. Band attachments have become regular features on almost every power rack. Bands are used
Pause When Neck Training
It is indicated through the literature that there is more musculature than degrees of freedom in the head and neck region of our anatomy.
Pendulum Equipment
Tyler Hobson, designer of Pendulum for Rogers Athletic, checks out the Pendulum Equipment at the Mississippi State University weight training facility. The Pendulum Rack
Mississippi State University Strength
Pendulum 4-Way Neck machines