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Pause When Neck Training
It is indicated through the literature that there is more musculature than degrees of freedom in the head and neck region of our anatomy.
Pendulum Equipment
Tyler Hobson, designer of Pendulum for Rogers Athletic, checks out the Pendulum Equipment at the Mississippi State University weight training facility. The Pendulum Rack
Mississippi State University Strength
Pendulum 4-Way Neck machines
The Vertical Chest Press
The Pendulum Vertical Chest Press is a unique machine.  An athlete who trains exclusively on the Vertical Chest will achieve the same results or
Get Strong Feet
Get Strong Feet A characteristic of any ‘system’ is interconnectivity and interdependence.  All parts of a system interact with one another and the entire
Michigan Versus Ohio State
Michigan Versus Ohio State At Hard Pressed Chicago there are former strength coaches from Michigan and Ohio State. Deciding which colors to paint a
Neck Develop Progressions From 6th Grade To 12th
Neck Develop Progressions from 6th Grade to 12th 6th grade students doing ‘dynamic tension’ neck flexion Laying out a regime for an entire athletic
Manual Resistance
In 1978, 76 strength coaches attended the first National Strength Coaches Association convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, many of these coaches were part time employees.
Finishing With The Rope Pull
Finishing with the Rope Pull  Using the Rotary Handles on the Pendulum Combo Lat Pulldown Once completed finish with the Pendulum Rope Pulldown Set