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Penn State Football Pit Sharks
Penn State Football Pit Sharks Pit Shark Belt Squats
Pendulum Strength at Grand Valley State University
Pendulum is happy to announce the installation of new Racks & Machines at Grand Valley State University.
Western Michigan University
Inlay flooring with a solid wood inset. Short Pit Shark Pendulum Glute Ham Pendulum 4-Way Neck machine Custom head wrap on our Pendulum Utility Bench
Pendulum Grip Cart
Load Up Your Pendulum Grip Cart  Get the hands Strong
Training The Upper Trap
Training the superior or upper portion of the trapezius can not effectively be exercised by shrugging or even high pulling. When you are shrugging,
Grand Valley State Weight Room
Since their inception, the Grand Valley State Lakers lead the NCAA with the highest overall winning percentage at .734 (353–129–3).  This ability to win
Checkrein And Strength Trian
FROM THE COACH’S DAUGHTER Kaylee Gittleson ran hurdles for Ann Arbor Pioneer High School.  The team won three out of four Division I State Championships
Strength And Conditioning Clinic
Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Virginia Clinic The Virginia Clinic will be taking place on Saturday, March 15, 2014. SMARTER Team Training will host
Neck Muscle Strength And Cervical Muscle Activation
In the January, American Journal of Sports Medicine, Effect of neck muscle strength and anticipatory cervical muscle activation on the kinematic response of the head