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A Bench Press Program That Always Works
Trying to administer a three day per week percentage based bench press program around a student-athletes schedule is daunting.  During the academic year, for a variety
NBC On Head And Neck Training
NBC Chicago Link to News Video!/news/health/Strength-Training-the-Neck-Can-Prevent-Concussions/231345091  Train eight ways on the Pendulum 5-Way Neck Machine to Get the head and neck Strong
The National Institute For Fitness And Sport
The National Institute for Fitness adds Pendulum Pendulum Seated Squat, HipPress and Squat Pro
Rockford High School Rack System
Rockford High School Pendulum Rack System
Western Michigan University Pendulum Rack System
The Western Michigan University Broncos install the Pendulum Rack System. The Pendulum Rack System The Broncos Pendulum Utility Bench The Pit Shark Belt Squat
Toledo St. John’s Jesuit High School
Toledo St. John’s Jesuit High School is located in Toledo, Ohio.  The Titans have won seven state championships in four different sports, along with
West Rusk High School
In the early 1900’s gender-specific colors brought about a great diversity of public opinion.  At the time it became generally accepted that pink was for
Pendulum Grip Cart
The athletes at the Pingry School in Martinsville, New Jersey have nicknamed the Pendulum Grip Cart the ‘Dessert Cart’… choose any two “treats”.   The Grip
Comprehensive Head And Neck Strength Program
The hotbed of proprioception is the head and neck region of our anatomy, all athletes  benefit from training this area.  Inattention to the musculature