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Range Of Travel On The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull
The range of motion of a joint, the range of motion of the musculature and the range of motion of a resistive device are all often
The Pendulum Squat
Rick Danison is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Indiana University. Rick has worked with more than 50 All-Americans, 4 National Champions, 13
Lifting To Improve Respiration
A lot goes on in our physiological system during heavy exercise that we may or may not think about or be aware of.  In
Rose Bowl Champions Host Strength And Conditioning Clinic
Michigan State Rose Bowl Champions Head Strength Coach Ken Mannie and the Spartan Strength & Conditioning Staff, February 7th and 8th, 2014 host their annual Strength
How To Train Your Neck
Chad Smith is a Head Strength Coach and a part of the High Intensity Team of the Hard Pressed Strength Training Facility in downtown Chicago.
Measuring Neck Circumference
Mike Joseph is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at the West Virginia University.  Head and Neck training is an important part of the Mountaineers strength program.
Grip Strength
Strength of the grip and strength of the fingers are highly correlated. The contribution of the index finger is about 25% of the total
Get Strong Get Sleep
There is a view in coaching that getting athletes up early for strength and conditioning is a positive. This would be true if we could monitor when they
Protein Timing On Muscle Strength And Hypertrophy
Protein timing is vogue throughout athletics and is a popular dietary strategy.  The idea has become to regulate the intake of protein with training in