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get strong

Preventative Sports Medicine
The Pingry School is located in Martinsville, New Jersey. Doug Scott is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. The hallmark of any strength and
Counting Calories
The diet industry is estimated to be a 40-60 billion dollar buisness.  Despite all the diet strategies, weight management still comes down to the
Squatting Low With A Barbell
In this months Sports Medicine Journal researchers reviewed knee joint and vertebral column changes in relation to squatting depth and load.  They concluded, “Provided that
Balance Training
Maintaining one’s body’s center of mass over its base of support is called balance.   We make automatic adjustments to maintain posture and stability in
Hamstring Training
Recently in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology a group of scientists looked at electromyographical activity of the knee flexors in previously strained hamstrings of recreational
Strongmen And Women At Hampton Beach
The Granite State Strongman/Stongwomen Contest is held each year just north of Boston at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. They raise money for the Wounded
A Strength Coach On Strength Training
Gabe Harrington has a Masters degree from Michigan State University. He has coached at MSU, the United States Military Academy and most recently was
Wrist, Fingers And Forearm
Using the Grip Cart’s Sledge Hammers to develop the wrist, fingers and forearm. Ab and Adduction of the fingers is done by ‘finger walking’.
Grand Rapids Griffins
New Anchor XL training room equipment from Rogers Athletic. Griffins players checkin out the new Impact gear from Rogers