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get strong

Direct Stretching
A very interesting study was completed comparing the effectiveness of suboccipital stretching versus direct stretching techniques in changing the range of motion of the
7th Annual Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference
7th Annual Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference Friday, July 19, 2013 5:00 PM until Saturday, July 20, 2013 4:00 PM Athletics, strength and conditioning,
20 Yard Conditioning
Often athletes are asked to remain in shape when on vacation or away from their prospective program for a few weeks.  A simple plan
Coaches and athletes spend hours, days, months, years on squatting form.  Sitting low and keeping the back straight, while maintaining form to the top
Semper Fi Strength Machine
Rogers Athletic Semper Fi Strength Machine
5 Yard Agility Program
Training athletes to become proficient at specific drills by mimicking the patterns they do over and over in competition is part of a well
Balance, Proprioception, Muscle Spindles
We unconsciously perceive our movement and spatial orientation from stimuli within the body itself, this is called proprioception.  For example when standing and leaning
The Pendulum Vertical Bench Press
The Pendulum Vertical Bench Press will Get you Strong.  
A Simple Leg Program
The following is a two day per week leg program to Get Strong.  Follow the guidelines provided:  Leg Press 20-25 After warming up, choose