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get strong

A Strong Neck
Having a strong neck, stiff tissue with a compliant tendon lowers concussion risk, when we have contact and stretch the muscle it will lengthen
A Limiting Factor
In a clinical setting, grip strength can be used as a tool to have a rapid indication of someone’s general health and/or overall muscular
Making Gains In Gainesville 
Josh Niblett, a former University of Alabama football player, was the Head Coach of the Alabama Hoover High School football program. There, he led
Improve Your Health
Many of the proteins produced in our bodies are produced by skeletal muscle. We often only associate skeletal muscle with the locomotion of our
Be Progressive To Get Strong
When the thumb and the four fingers grasp aggressively against a contact surface it is known as hand strength or grip strength. Training to
The Result Is Not Small
When you are trying to manipulate a gripping device and the local slip zone exceeds about three-quarters of the contact area, the task of
Ulna Digits
Standing with the palms forward the ulna is located on the little finger side of the forearm and the radius on the thumb side.
No Stone Unturned
In 480 BC, Xerxes the Great, an ancient Persian King was making war on the Greeks and was vanquished at Salamis.  Defeated, he eventually
The Number One Exercise
Pendulum 5-Way Head and Neck Machines Preventive Sports Medicine is the first order of any strength and conditioning program. Training to participate in sports