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get strong

10 x 53 Yard Drive Sled
Push the Drive Sled from sideline to sideline across the football field.  The rest interval is 1-minute.  Once you can push the Drive Sled
Strongman In North Carolina
The North American stongman contest ‘Hanging with the Pros’ was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. A great way to be spend a Saturday and
Is Your 4 Way Neck An Accessory Lift?
Accessory lifts in a strength training program are considered supplemental and are said to serve or assist in the progress of major exercises. Mark
3×50 Workout
In the United States we walk less than any of the Industrialized Nations.  Fitness experts recommend that we should cover 10,000 steps per day,
Michigan Football Strength And Conditioning Clinic
April 20th, 2013 – Schembechler Hall  8:00    Registration – Glick Field House 1150 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI  9:00    Clinic Welcome/Opening
Fitness Incentive
TJ Lynch and his wife Amy Llinas Lynch the World Natural Figure Champion 2011 & 2013, have been full time personal trainers and instructors
Belt Squatting At Ohio State
The Pit Shark Belt Squat is a tremendous leg developer.  It can be used for athletes with injured shoulders, injured hands, back issues or
The Rogers Lev Sled Rain Or Shine
Practice Skill Regardless of the Weather with the Floor Mounted Indoor Lev Sled Inquire About The Modular Lev Sled Link System
The Arnold Sports Festival
This past weekend the Arnold Sports Festival came to Columbus, Ohio. Some very strong men lifted some very heavy weights and very heavy things.