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Three Is A Charm
Three Ways To Maximize Head and Neck Strength The number three is the first uneven number containing an even one.  ‘Three is a charm’
The Rack
The Pendulum Rack System Weighted chins, weighted dips, belt squats, still squats, barbell squats, rope pulls and much much much more all on the
Shoulder Press And More
Shoulder Press, Incline Press The Pendulum Shoulder Press converts to an Incline Shoulder Press.  A quick change that Gets your shoulders and upper chest Strong. Photos
Get Hip Get Strong
An Immediate Step In Improving Hip Flexibility and Strength                              
A Simple Program
Simply Tough * The following is one continuous workout. It is to be done 3 days per week for 5 straight weeks * The
Strong Hands
Strong Hands  The British Strongman and performer Thomas Inch was an early-twentieth-century strongman famous for his grip.  He, for decades was proclaimed ‘Britain’s Strongest Man’. Inch
Getting ‘Ahead’ In Neck Training
Training The Head Musculature There are two classifications of neck muscles.  The muscles that move the head and the muscles that move the cervical
Getting Strong In Rockford
The Rockford Rams                                          
Parallel Bars
Parallel Bars If you were born shortly after World War II or earlier you can certainly remember parallel bars as part of your of