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Pull Push
Elite training form for pulling is to produce a motion utilizing more than the arms but to engage the entire body. This is achieved
Weighted Chins And Dips
Chins and dips are great exercises that preceded the use of barbells and exercise machines. They are natural movements and necessitate very little in
From The Neck Down
Mike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Michigan for 30 years and was a part of 15 Football
Georgia On My Mind
Strength & Leadership Clinic April 9th, 2022 @ Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia Speakers: Lewis Caralla – Georgia Tech Dr. Thomas Stallworth –
A Rack Attachment
Pendulum Rotary Core Developer The shoulder’s deltoid is considered a primary motor muscle for many upper body strength movements. Anatomically it is subdivided into
Backward Or Forward
The effect of forward and backward sled pulling is a means to improve sprint performance, jumping height and overall muscular leg stiffness regardless of
Rope Pull War
The Adjustable Tension Rope Pull On engravings found in Egyptian tombs over 4000 years ago boys can be seen participating in the semblance of
Tissue To Tissue
We are acutely aware that strength training develops muscle, yet exercise training also causes adaptations to white adipose tissue protecting against metabolic disorders, obesity,
Adjust The Bench
The supine or ‘flat bench’ when compared to an incline bench has functional similarities. Both require horizontal adduction and elbow extension when the lifter