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Atlas Stone Curls
Training with Atlas Stone curls is a terrific way to improve grip strength and arm curling power. In a seated position center your hands
Holiday Shopping
Looking for the best gifts? Look inside the Rogers 2021 Catalog. Rogers has everything a family needs to Ring in the New Year!
A Coaching Point
When examining the movement of the cervical spine it is found that in general most women have greater head and neck extension and less
Curling On Wheels
The Pendulum Standing Leg Curl can be connected to almost any low pulley weight stack. It is ergonomic and can easily be moved and
Sit Or Stand
Nerve cells signal and stimulate muscles, these cells are called motor neurons. Their stimulation causes electrical activity in the muscle eliciting a contraction. Studying
Zero Rest
The semispinalis and splenius are strong neck extensors. The semispinalis consists of three parts: the semispinalis capitis, the semispinalis cervicis and the semispinalis thoracis.
Why Stop?
The biomechanical function of individual neck muscles is difficult to characterize. This is true because we are unable to voluntarily activate isolated neck muscles.
Headed To Scotland
Erik McKay is the owner of NO BULL! STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE, located on Bull Run Road in Fowlerville, Michigan. He has a wonderful facility, it
Neck Training And BMI
Conventional wisdom suggests that strength training increases body mass index (BMI) in a positive way, but does it? BMI is an estimate of body