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get strong

Building A Weight Room
Preventative Sports Medicine Is The First Step                                   
Neck Extension
Training The Back Of The Neck Splenius Capitis and Cervicis, Semispinalis Capitis and Cervicis, the small Spinalis Capitis, Longissimus Cervicis lay underneath the Trapezius
Negative chins
Negative Only Chins Some exercises are just harder than others and some exercises cause more muscular pain than others.  Leg extensions are notorious for
Improving Balance But Where?
Knowing Why Helps Your Balance In order to maintain balance when standing on one leg we immediately use our arms by laterally abducting them
Cast A Vote For The Squat Pro
You Can Still Play And You Can Still Squat                              
Teeth Clenching
Clench Those Teeth The Infrahyoids are made up of four muscles; three of which attach to the hyoid bone, the omohyoid, the sternohyoid and
A Strength Factory
Pendulum Strength Machines Pendulum Machines Begin Preparation For Shipping
The Leg Extension
The Leg Extension Is Still A Great Exercise In the early 1990’s there were several studies that looked at the shearing forces of the
The Shoulder And The Grip
Train your Grip To Train Your Shoulder In many strength training programs considerable time is devoted to strengthening the muscles that protect the shoulder.