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Penn State University
Penn State has Pendulum machines delivered for the 2011 season. Squat Pro’s, Hip Presses and Neck Machines are loaded to head East into the
The European College Of Sports Medicine    The European College of Sports Medicine meets annually. This year they met in Liverpool, England along the
Durant Oklahoma
Durant High School Oklahoma The Durant High School Pendulum Machines Are Prepared for Delivery The Durant Athletes Will Be Getting Stronger
A Little Physiology
Should We Train Fast Or Slow? A few days ago a study was published looking at high and low-velocity resistance training and its effect
Pendulum Power Racks
Bowling Green University Begins Installing Pendulum Power Racks
Hazel Park Is Hip
Hazel Park High School Gets A New Hip Press
The Number One Exercise
The Number One Exercise For Any Combative Sport Is The Head and Neck If You Do Not Have A Head and Neck Machine make
Never Too Old
Strengthening The Head And Neck Musculature Has Unexpected Outcomes Ralph Cornwell is a Ph.D. candidate in Health Promotion/Human Performance at Virginia Tech.  Ralph has
Increasing Your Bench Press
Increasing Your Bench Press Without Bench Pressing Part of the Pingry Schools Weight Room Doug Scott is the Head Strength Coach at the Pingry