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The Leg Extension
The Leg Extension Is Still A Great Exercise In the early 1990’s there were several studies that looked at the shearing forces of the
The Shoulder And The Grip
Train your Grip To Train Your Shoulder In many strength training programs considerable time is devoted to strengthening the muscles that protect the shoulder. 
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The Association Of Oldtime Barbell And Strongmen                                       The Association Of Oldtime Barbell And Strongmen focuses on education regarding iron game history and drug free
The Pendulum Cam
The Pendulum Cam The Pendulum Cam is a rotating mechanical linkage that transforms rotary motion by varying the mechanical resistance to match the muscular
A Little Physiology
Running And Lifting If you have taken Exercise Physiology or majored in Kinesiology you are very familiar with  Per-Olof Åstrand MD, PhD, Kaare Rodahl
Every Finger Counts
Every Finger Counts Grip strength is a result of the interaction of the muscles that originate in the forearm and hand and insert in
Pick Up Without A Pickup
Shopping In Clare, Michigan To Get Strong Erik McKay, BS, CSCS, Personal Trainer, Kinetics Coach and Football Coach has been training for over 24
Weight Loss – How Fast?
Faster Can Mean Slower   How fast should we lose weight if we want to maximize our performance and increase our lean tissue, is a