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Sport Climbing
Indoor Sport Climbing uses artificially constructed climbing walls with grips for hands and feet often removable. Sport Climbing is a form of rock climbing
Gaining Power
The power grip is a grip formed with the fingers and the palm of the hand; it is used for grasping with high force
A Game Of Inches
There is not a coach that doesn’t have a story about how the outcome of victory or defeat was decided by the slightest of
Hip Press And Squat
After a set on the Pendulum Hip Press to momentary muscular failure with as little rest as possible, stand and begin squatting, lowering yourself
Weatherford High School
Twenty miles west of Fort Worth Texas is Weatherford High School. Their Marta is, “Large school opportunity with a small town approach.” The Weatherford
Pendulum Strength
No matter what sport you train for, Pendulum provides the tools necessary to maximize development. Get Strong by getting the best equipment to enhance
Pendulum Dual Rack
You can add or remove the Belt Squat to any Pendulum Rack System – add to Basic Racks, Dual Racks, Full Racks, Mega Racks
Prairie Heights High School
Range Of Motion
Under normal conditions when training the neck variation in movement between individuals and intra-individual varies each time one exercises. Range of motion is not