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get strong

A Different Feel 
The back of thigh or hamstrings muscle is actually three individual muscles: the semitendinosus, semimembranosus and the biceps femoris. These muscles play a major
4-Ways, 5-Ways, Many Ways 
 10. Jaw The Cam is Built for the Complex Anatomy of the Head and Neck One or Two Arm Shrug
Saturated, Unsaturated
Studying skeletal muscle hypertrophy and atrophy and its distinct signaling pathways is an important ongoing process not only for development but for offsetting disease
Rack Configurations
The Pendulum Adjustable Chin Up Bar is a quick-attached pull-up and dip bar for training athletes of varying heights. The bar can be designed
Training The Chest
The Pendulum Chest Press is a unilateral or bilateral exercise device. If you train on the Pendulum Chest Press the results will be the
Make Great Gains By Sleeping
There is a positive relationship between sleep and optimal performance. Often athletes have low sleep quality and quantity. The reasons have a wide variety
Arcadia University
Arcadia University located in Glenside, Pennsylvania recently expanded the Kuch Recreation and Athletic Center. The Center includes a Pendulum weight room and additional training
After It Is Over
Playing a collegiate sport is time consuming, tremendously competitive, requires body development, is rewarding and fun. Once the sport is completed and competition is
Monster Arms
The quickly adjustable work arms that can easily be attached to the Pendulum Rack System, allows for bilateral and unilateral movements, standing and/or seated.