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get strong

Small Exercise Big Results
Using a Wrist Roller from the Pendulum Grip Cart Exercise order is an important variable in training. Sports medicine research has indicated that greater
Gauging Strength
The Pendulum Rack System The Pendulum Power Rack System is made with 7-Gauge, 3”x 5” uprights.  Thicker steel improves the safety, resiliency, longevity and
The First Job
The human brain is encased in a rigid skull and covered by a muscular scalp, which is surrounded by three layers of membranes and
Looking At Your Goal
Mike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Michigan for 30 years and was a part of 15 Football
School Colors
College colors are used to make a clear distinction between institutions, especially when meeting together at sporting events as colors are distinct for each
Maximizing Space
The Pendulum Rack System can be installed in a training room, field house, hallway, arena walkway, garage, basement, or anywhere your imagination leads you.
CSCCa National Conference
The CSCCa was held in Fort Worth, Texas for the College Strength Coaches. Rogers Athletic and Pendulum showed and demonstrated their strength in the
Sarcoplasma Stimulating Training
Strength training increases the cross-sectional area of the muscle.  What exactly occurs during adaptation to resistance training within the fibers metabolically and structurally is
Designed To Address Function
The rectus femoris is a powerful hip flexor, largely dependent on the position of the knee and is strongest when the knee is flexed,