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Training The Chest
The Pendulum Chest Press is a unilateral or bilateral exercise device. If you train on the Pendulum Chest Press the results will be the
Make Great Gains By Sleeping
There is a positive relationship between sleep and optimal performance. Often athletes have low sleep quality and quantity. The reasons have a wide variety
Arcadia University
Arcadia University located in Glenside, Pennsylvania recently expanded the Kuch Recreation and Athletic Center. The Center includes a Pendulum weight room and additional training
After It Is Over
Playing a collegiate sport is time consuming, tremendously competitive, requires body development, is rewarding and fun. Once the sport is completed and competition is
Monster Arms
The quickly adjustable work arms that can easily be attached to the Pendulum Rack System, allows for bilateral and unilateral movements, standing and/or seated.
Seated Squat Pro 
The Pendulum Seated Squat was created to meet coaches’ requests for a way to train the legs independently or bilaterally with maximum loads. This
A Few Ways To Rope Pull
Add The Pendulum Rope Pull To Your Rack System Time the speed of pulling the rope from one end to the other. Timed team
Swivel Handles
Supination is rotation of the forearm and hand so that the palm faces forward or upward. When your shoulder is at a neutral position with
Add Or Remove
The Belt Squat can be added or removed quickly from a Pendulum Rack, allowing athletes who prefer or need to unload the back to