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get strong

Stand, Grasp, Squeeze, Get Strong
Grip strength is crucial for grasping and performing precision functions. The hand provides sensory information to the brain; temperature, texture, shape, form of objects,
When You Want To Jam
The quickly adjustable simplistic work arms can easily be attached and automatically locked to the Pendulum Rack System. This allows for bilateral and unilateral
Weighted Chins
When chin-ups become too easy simply add weight to Get Strong. The Pendulum Rack System
An Actual Leg Curling Machine
On the lying leg curl machines that have been developed in the marketplace the lower lateral and lower medial hamstring are regionally targeted, this
Pendulum Is Always A Fit
When the Pendulum Machine was too big to go through a single doorway at Apple Therapy Services, Pendulum Strength, like the therapeutic center, showed
Half Squat, Parallel Squat, Full Squats
Half squats, parallel squats, full squats, front squats, high bar squats, low bar squats, sumo squats, single-leg squats, zercher squats, goblet squats, split squats,
A Complete Weight Room
Sport and recreation-related concussions are common injuries and are considered major health issues, as poorly attended short term injury can translate into long term.
The Cornerstone Of Hand Function
The interosseous muscles are the cornerstone of hand function, they provide the foundation for all hand movements. They are located between the metacarpals and
Football, Impact Athletic, Pendulum Strength – Catalogs
Making Footballs in Early America Click Here to View our Catalog