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Lateral Neck Flexion 
The range of motion of lateral neck flexion is about 40 degrees from neutral, any further movement is usually equated with movement of the
Get A Head Start On Sarcopenia
Normally, we associate skeletal muscle with only movement yet it’s contribution to our physiological system is much more. Muscles are not only involved in
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Medicine Ball 100 Reps 
The following is a 100 repetition non-stop medicine ball throw against a wall for time. The distance from the wall should be standardized, which
Sit-ups In 60 Seconds
You are more apt to achieve a goal if you make a goal. The following is the number of sit-ups to achieve in 60
Five Angles
The bench press incline angle influences the electrical activity of the chest. The traditional horizontal bench press produces activity in three distinct areas of
The Changing Seat Height
When being evaluated an athlete stands tall to obtain the true measure of his or her height if not, measurements could vary in accuracy.
Twenty Yard Shuttle Run
The following is a twenty yard shuttle drill to improve movement skills. It is to be done at full speed. The times to shoot
300 Yard Shuttle X2
When fit the athlete runs two consecutive 300 yard shuttles with two minutes rest between events. The goal times are as follows: OL/DL