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Training the Back of the Head 
The suboccipital muscles are located at the back, base of the skull. The group consists of four muscles: the obliquus capitis superior, rectus capitis
Sharks Are Mobile
Ruben Mendoza is a former NFL offensive guard who is now the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Wayne State University. Ruben has coached
Hip Strength
The rectus femoris is a powerful hip flexor, largely dependent on the position of the knee and is strongest when the knee is flexed,
Lamphere High School
Scapula Kinematics
Pendulum 3-Way Row An important movement in a workout program to assist in avoiding undue stress on the rotator cuff during activity is training
The Drive Sled 500
As in motorsports there are allotted time sanctions or what is called a stop-and-go penalty for in-race infractions. The infraction in this race is
Always Include Neck Training 
Make Neck Training Important Part Of What You Do
The Repetition
The rep causes tension or muscular strain  The rep changes your chemistry The rep makes you grow The rep is what weight training is
Decline On The Vertical Chest Press 
The Pendulum Vertical Chest Press was designed to emulate the barbell bench press. If an athlete trains solely on the vertical chest without question