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Biomechanical And Physiological Factors
Coaching technique is about the interaction of different biomechanical and physiological factors coming into play during a movement.  Decisions of how to improve a
Bench Press 3×5
The following is the first week of a 3 day per week bench press program. The rules to follow and how to proceed from
Shoulder Grip
Many performance coaches practice what has become known as prehab, a routine of specific exercises at the beginning of their weight lifting program.  This
Deep Cervical Extensors
At the deepest layer of the necks cervical extensors is the cervical multifidus and the semispinalis cervicis.  These muscles provide neck support and prevent
A Few Benefits Of Lifting Weights
1. Muscle strength and vo2 max are predictors of life span. 2. Inactive adults experience 3%-8% muscle loss per decade, active     resistance
Extension, Flexion, Protrusion, Retraction
Flexion and extension are integral parts of any head and neck training program.  This requires that we take into account how the cervical spine
Barbell Back Squat And Belt Squat
Immensely popular, the barbell back squat is a staple of the majority of athletic programs.  Most training regimens provide alternative and supplemental movements such
When Damage Is Good
Initially when aggressively exercising on an unaccustomed exercise device  expect pronounced muscle damage.  Not a bad thing, as growth mechanisms are stimulated and protein
Neck Muscle Redundancy
The neck musculoskeletal system is characterized by complex anatomy and apparent muscle redundancy. Being redundant in the cervical muscular system means there is more