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Form That Can’t Be Taught
In discussing deep squatting compared to half and quarter squats the literature advises technique be acquired with expert supervision for it to be an
Speed Endurance
In 100 meter sprinting start acceleration is about 64% of the final result and maintaining peak speed about 18%.  The actual start is about
Protect And Improve 
About 4% of the world’s population is actively involved in playing soccer, roughly 265 million people.  In the United States 30% of households have
The Cornerstone Of Hand Function
The Interosseous muscles are often forgotten in strength training.  Yet, research tells us they are the cornerstone of hand function and are the key
Five Week Friday
Set #1 Hip Press – 16-20 Reps When you are able to complete the 20th rep add weight the next workout. Rest – 3
Oak Hills High School
The Pendulum Power Stack System is modular. Modularity allows for customization rather than needing to reconstruct an entire piece of equipment. This motility reduces
The Rope
Historically, the rope was one of the greatest inventions of its time.  There is actual evidence of a three-ply cord from a Neanderthal site
Pulling vs Pushing
In general women have struggled with pull-ups and chin-ups.  Examining the literature it has been found the typical healthy active woman’s pushing muscular is