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get strong

Finish Strong
The Pendulum Rope Pull can be placed at any height and any angle.  The difficulty can be quickly adjusted by you or your coach.
Get S.E.T.
If in excellent shape: Start with weighted dips with a goal of 12 reps.  Once completed with maximum effort, take the weighted belt off
Adjustable Chin/Dip
The types of chin bars on power racks and bridges between power racks are limitless.  Their height from the ground brings challenges for many
Neutral, Internal, External
The hamstring is a biarticular muscle that crosses two joints.  It is composed of three muscles: the semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris. The Pendulum
Wrist Posture
How we hold an object has everything to do with the force our fingers can produce.  Posture of the wrist can change up to
Rack Bridging
Several years ago Oakland University upgraded their weight room with the Pendulum Rack System.  This year they added bridging between the racks to enhance
Pick With PIC
For a different team, change of season or selecting a particular workout routine the PIC Bridge System allows the user to quickly change the
Form That Can’t Be Taught
In discussing deep squatting compared to half and quarter squats the literature advises technique be acquired with expert supervision for it to be an
Speed Endurance
In 100 meter sprinting start acceleration is about 64% of the final result and maintaining peak speed about 18%.  The actual start is about