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Oakridge High School
Modular Training
The Pendulum MX- 4 Modular Training System is a remarkable training tool that can be adjusted for athletes with many types of training limitations.
The Running Form Quiz
Power, sprint-specific endurance and motor coordination are key determinants in sprint performance.  The coordinated action of the bodies limbs greatly affects the generation of
Combine The Spoken And Written 
Young athletes tend to have trouble running over agility bags.   Part of their problem is not agility or learning new skills but an
Range Of Motion Considerations
Electromyographic studies show muscle activation varies with joint angle.  Example – In closing the elbow joint there is high electromyographic amplitude of the long
Locating The Deep Cervical Extensors
It is important to understand the complexity of the physiological system and how muscle groups function under stress and load.  Knowing how to target
The Overhead Press – The Gold Standard
For decades the overhead press had been the gold standard of strength for an individual. Taking a barbell bringing it to the chest and
Limit The Learning Of Technique
Muscle activity patterns vary significantly according to squat posture.  Technique is continually refined by the exerciser to achieve the desired results. The adjustment of
The Trap Bar
The differences between individual lifting forms occur mainly in the mid- thoracic and the lower thoracic/upper lumbar regions of the spine. Movement execution and