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Shoulder Blade Movement
The seated row is an tremendously effective upper back exercise for the latissimus dorsi, commonly referred to as – the lats, also recruited during
The Quadricep – Rectus Femoris
Of the four muscles on the front of the thigh only the rectus femoris muscle crosses the hip. It functions to flex the hip
Neck Flexion Of The Cervical Spine
The cervical spine is complex and exhibits variable and paradoxical motions.  The behaviors of the cervical joints in response to movement under normal conditions
Gender Strength Training
Women, on average, have less muscle strength than men, yet relative to the cross-sectional area of muscle the strength of men and women is
The Deep Squat
The squatting technique affects the distribution of forces between the knee and hips.  The maximum angles of the hip and knee are almost reached
Interchangeable Handle System
Varying the type of handle you use on an exercise device has an effect on the musculature you are targeting.  Handle orientation, shape and
Three Dimensional Movement
Movement is vital. Sitting time and physical activity are associated with the risk of mortality which aligns with the evidence that sedentary behavior has
Shoulder Recovery
Since the conception of organized strength training the bench press has been arguably the most popular exercise. It has been an important part of
Flexing The Hamstrings
Knee height is an important determinant of joint structure and greater limb length imparts larger moments of force around the knee.  The knee to