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Flexing The Hamstrings
Knee height is an important determinant of joint structure and greater limb length imparts larger moments of force around the knee.  The knee to
Grand Oaks High School
Leg Strength And Return-To-Play
In rehabilitation between-limb clinical decision making is commonplace, therefore, a baseline on the leg strength of each limb is important. When returning-to-play after a
Seated Forearm Stone Curl
Curling cement stones from the Pendulum Grip Cart in a seated position is a tremendous forearm developer. The elbow joint is the link between
Finger Force Production
Grip strength is affected by many factors, body position, hand placement, arm angle, finger length, finger span and more. Finger forces change involuntarily during
In the journal Sports Medicine the article “Chronic Adaptations to Eccentric Training: A Systematic Review” was recently published. Their systematic search of the literature
A Neck Training Program
There is no question that training the neck has a positive impact on performance, overall development, safety and return-to-play. Pendulum Neck Flexion Pausing Each
A Partial Drop For Gains
Set Extension Technology – With Range Limiting Capabilities In the 1940’s Body Culture Magazine published an article about what was described as the multi-poundage
Progressing By Adding And Subtracting Weight
Set the Pendulum 4 or 5 Way Neck Machine face pad lever arm on the #4 setting. Hold on to the handles with a