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get strong

Objects For Resistance Training
The barbell squat has become a staple of most weight training programs in sport. It is an extremely popular exercise, yet it is not
Western High School
A Great Holiday Gift
A great holiday gift is the gift of strength training.  Muscular development helps you control body fat, is important for bone health, raises the
Getting Strong in Flushing
Flushing High School located in Flushing, Michigan has an extensive facility project underway. Part of the schools upgrades include a new Raider Fieldhouse, which
Knowledge Will Motivate
Medicine Science in Sports & Exercise published, ”Alcohol and college athletes.”  The study compared student-athletes drinking behavior with other students at their college.  The
Miamisburg High School
Sensory Organs And The Neck
The quote “Where the head goes the body follows.” is often used as a coaching point in athletics. Coaches understand if you can control
Iron Represents the Durability of a Partnership
John Norcott is currently the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Southwestern University in Texas.  He was a two-time All-Lone Star Conference fullback at Angelo
A Women’s Advantage
In a normal population the self-selected hand position to produce maximal grip strength is about 30 degrees of wrist extension. When wrist extension dips