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get strong

Hillsdale High School
Biacromial Distance
The lat pull-down is a popular compound exercise that athletes continually change grip width when training the upper back. Changing hand spacing relative to
University of South Dakota
A Sudden Shock
Whiplash is relatively common. The injury can occur to a person’s neck following a sudden unrestrained acceleration-deceleration.  The force causes the head and neck
Train Specific Regions Of The Entire Function
The architecture, anatomy and biomechanics of the hamstrings is varying and complex. Tendon lengths, pennation of the fibers, attachments all effect power, strain and
Reducing Concussion Risk with a Strong Neck
In a recent study in the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, they write: “It has generally been accepted that neck strengthening exercises are effective as
Kansas Weslyan University
Neck Flexion And The Shoulders
We elevate our shoulders and lower our chin to protect our head and cervical spine from being thrust backwards prior to a conceived stressor.
Full Neck Flexion
When training only retraction takes Occiput-C1 and C1-C2 to their full end-range of flexion. The Pendulum 4 and 5-Way Neck strength curve was designed