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get strong

The Seat Angle
The Pendulum Hip Press has a unique seat angle. Because of its slope it seems when sitting that an athlete would slide out of
North Central High School
Clarkston High School
Macon County High School
A brand new 3-Man LEV Sled with blue Shock Pads just delivered to Macon County High School in Lafayette, TN.
Get A Grip On Getting Strong
Manual muscle testing, grip and pinch strength dynamometry, intrinsic hand myometers are used to measure the power of the hand. With the correct equipment
Cadillac High School Introduces New Weight Room
Over 300 Cadillac High School students participate in the Strength and Conditioning program daily. CHS students benefit from an introduction to a lifelong practice
Steinbrenner High School
Check out these awesome custom printed Surge Pads created for Steinbrenner High School in Florida. 
Subacromial Space Width
The shoulder has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, it’s mobility can also lead to shoulder joint problems. The
Finger Force Modification
The forces of grasping with your hand’s fingers is highly coordinated. All 5 fingers are linked in order to optimally balance the hand during