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An Undeveloped Neck Changes The Force
Conventional wisdom suggests that strength training increases body mass index (BMI) in a positive way, but does it? BMI is a simplistic measure of
Northville High School
The Newberry College Barbecue
Once again Erik Schwagger (the number one Strength and Conditioning Chef in America) and the Newberry College strength staff invite you to their Annual
Where The Head Goes The Body Will Follow
Where the head goes the body will follow’ is an athletic axiom that coaches teach. Stand straight, place your fingers lightly on the nape
Attenuation and Dissipation of Force
One of the important functions of strength training has become the development of the muscle and tendon as a unit. The muscle-tendon unit attenuates
University of Detroit Mercy
The Cervical Spine And Our Ability To Balance
The cervical spine’s associated musculature is regarded as an important proprioceptive organ for postural processes. The muscles are small with a high spindle density.
Iowa State University
Wayne State University
Ruben Mendoza is a former NFL offensive guard who is now the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Wayne State University. Ruben has coached