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Wayne State University 
Wayne State University Pendulum Strength Training Facility Pendulum Strength
UMass Football
The University of Massachusetts begins rebuilding their Football Performance Center The Pendulum Rack System
Longer Or Shorter Lengths
Muscle and strength adaptations seem to be vector and angle specific. Muscles show greater long-term growth compared to other anatomical portions of fibers based
Lifting On A Bench
Whether for recreational use, sports performance, bodybuilding or powerlifting the bench press historically has played an important role in development and measurement. The exercise
Sometimes changing up how you are performing an exercise accelerates growth. Rest-Pause is a method that many incorporate into their normal routine to enhance
Pendulum Joins Colorado State University
Check out our newest Pendulum Strength install – the new Football Strength Training facility of the Colorado State University Rams. This facility is unique
One Is More
The largest muscle of the anterior chest is the pectoralis major. When training, its development is most affected by changing the inclination of the
Notre Dame Strength & Conditioning
Where The Notre Dame Athletics Indoor Complex When Friday, February 24th Saturday, February 25th, 2023 2023 Clinic Speakers Matt Cates Head Strength and Conditioning
Temporary Or Permanent 
Pendulum can quickly make a temporary or permanent weight room wherever you need. Once set up, the racks with bolt on/off wheels are able