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get strong

University of Michigan Olympic Strength Center
We are excited to show off a few photos from the brand new Olympic Sport Strength and Conditioning Center at the University of Michigan
Fast Fingers
If you play a sport you will benefit from training your hands. Getting the hands strong in all the various grips; power, hook, ball,
Sprint Running Form And The Test
Coaches and athletes spend a great deal of time on running mechanics.  Utilizing film and having handouts of what you are trying to accomplish
The Bulk Of The Deep Neck Flexors
The longus colli muscle, based upon it’s comparative size, forms the bulk of the deep flexor muscles of the neck. Often those who sustain neck
Indiana Basketball
Indiana Basketball Having strong hips and shoulders is important in all sports – Get Strong.
The Most Important Exercise
In March of 2014, The American Journal of Sports Medicine published, Effect of neck muscle strength and anticipatory cervical muscle activation on the kinematic response
Indiana Wesleyan University
Rogers LEV Sled Rogers Scout Pop-Up Dummies with QB Arms Rogers Zone Chute The Indiana Wesleyan University Weight room featuring Pendulum Dual Racks, Machines,
Pendulum Strength at Alma College
Custom Logo plates sit atop each of the Dual Racks. Pendulum Power Squat Pro Pendulum Leg Curl Pendulum Power Stacks with free standing modular
When Being Neutral Is An Advantage
The semispinalis muscles are a group of three muscles located in the back of the cervicothoracic spine. These large and long muscles are involved in rotation,