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get strong

The Pendulum Challenge
The latest studies show that women are approximately 52% as strong as men in their upper body and 66% as strong in their lower bodies.
Top-load The Pendulum Squat Pro
There are seminars, videos, articles, lectures and book chapters all dedicated to methods for strengthening the hips, core and changing one’s range of motion
Start From Neutral
When training neck flexion start the exercise from neutral. In the neutral position the machine will be providing tension before the exercise begins. This means the lifter
The University Of South Florida
The University of South Florida adds Pendulum to Get Strong.
The Blind Side
Research regarding neck training in athletics comes from many fields.  Whiplash is a common unwanted occurrence in sport. Whiplash refers to a series of neck injuries caused
Pendulum Strength At FIU
Pendulum Shoulder Incline 4-Way Neck machines Pendulum 3-Way Row machines The Pendulum Lat Pulldown The Short Standalone Pit Shark provided by Rogers
Impact Athletic welcomes Elsinore High School
The trainers at Elsinore High School were kind enough to send us these images of our Medic XL table hard at work on their
The Dumbbell And The Utility Bench
Using the Adjustable Utility Bench Dumbbells come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Using heavy dumbbells to Get Strong is not without
The following are a list of references on the importance of training the head, neck and jaw. Great information and great reasons to Get