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get strong

A rivalry increases focus, effort and performance and brings out the best of both sides of the competition. This is true not only on
The Zercher Squat
In the early years of weight training many strongmen made their own special assortment of lifting tools. Bars of variable length and bar whip with solid globes,
New Product Alert: Rogers REV Tackle Dummy
Use the REV Tackle Wheel in teaching shoulder leverage tackling. Drill by taking the head out of the game. Built with only the highest
Manual Labor
It is well understood that muscular strength and functional abilities can be enhanced significantly without the use of barbells or machines by utilizing manual
Hiring Now
Hiring now apply today! Hardpressed is Chicago’s Premier Strength Training Facility with two locations in the heart of downtown. At Hardpressed, we coach our
Hand Grip Strength
A study to improve the reliability and validity of hand strength evaluations and establish clinical norms for adults aged 20 to 75+ years was published
Lasting Gratitude
The heroism and sacrifices of our Veterans has earned our deepest respect and lasting gratitude, for without them we are a “plain people” and
Xavier Musketeers
Xavier University is a member of the Big East Conference and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Musketeers Strength and Conditioning program is led
PENN Quakers
The University of Pennsylvania adds the Pendulum Squat Pro to their weight room.