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Don’t Miss The Best Clinic Of The Year
In 2015 in the Journal of Medicine Science and Sport researchers found that if you suffer a concussion the risk of a lower body injury
The University Of Michigan
The University Of Michigan To run a comprehensive weight training program you must have head and neck machines to develop all the structures that lower
Pittsburgh Steelers Testing the MVP | DRIVE Mobile Tackling Dummy
Last week I wrote about a robot that may train the next ping pong great. Now there’s this out of the NFL: The Pittsburgh
Bringing Energy into Your Program
In 1850 Alfred Lord Tennyson published , “Ring out, Wild Bells”.  His words, ‘Ring out the old, Ring in the new’, have been a
Training The Upper Trap On The 5-Way Neck
The cervical spine consists of seven vertebra numbered C1-C7. The back of the head or skull is called the ‘occiput’ and is numbered C0.
Squatting Through The Roof
When something is very high or has increased dramatically the idiom “through the roof”  is often used. The number of techniques coaches use to improve
Best And Most Important Clinic Of The Year
In 1931 Paul Brown was the head coach of the football powerhouse Massillon High School in Massillon, Ohio. He lost only 10 games in eleven
Increasing Chin-up Repetitions
Kinematic analysis is used to find the range of motion and muscle activity of a given mechanical movement. When comparing a chin-up with a lat-pull
Improving Bench Press Testing
Maximum barbell bench press repetition testing is used in sports to look at and compare or predict the strength of athletes. Athletes are commonly