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Product Description • Glute-Ham

The Pendulum Glute Ham has an open design, giving the athlete a more accessible training environment. The wide front base gives a stable foundation for reverse hyper and banded exercises.

  • User friendly, step through design.
  • All adjustments can be made from the workout position through a convenient lever control.
  • Interchangeable fixed half moon, or roller thigh pad options are available and can be easily changed. Choose the pad option that is best for your program.
  • Equipped with band attachments.
  • Adjustable roller height. Easily change the resistance of your exercise.

Contact Rogers for additional information and pricing on Glute Ham optional features.

Glute Ham Variations

  • 420536 - Knee pad
  • 420559 - Roller thigh pad
  • 420552 - Fixed thigh pad
  • 420552 - Adjustable footrest 


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