Mega Rack XL

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Product Description • Mega Rack XL

The 6 Post Pendulum Mega Rack combines the versatility of a fully enclosed power rack with the unrestricted movement of a half rack. With the addition of Pendulum add-on accessories and options, the rack becomes unstoppable and the number of exercises are unlimited. A longer base than the standard Mega Rack allows additional space at the center of the rack which can accommodate bar storage as well as our Pendulum Synchro Bench FTS (Fold To Store). Workout more athletes in less space. Get unlimited versatility with a variety of accessories and add-on options.

Every Pendulum Rack features 2"x 4" cross braces.  These braces are the largest in the industry and provide the ultimate in strength and durability. Also included are storage weight horns and unique safety bars that are built from 7-gauge steel and covered with an impact modified high density rubber as well as a base frame constructed from 2.5”x 3.5” 7-gauge steel tubing with access points to anchor units to floor.

With bridging capability, link racks together to create power stations for various functional body weight training exercises. Then, when it comes to customization, choose a frame color that compliments your facility and school spirit, and add an Olympic Lift Platform which is engineered solid hardwood flooring, framed with a full steel tube, and can be added to one or both sides of rack.

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