power runner football blaster
power runner football blaster

Power Runner with Drive Sled

  • $3,805.00
  • ITEM No. W402-2
  • WEIGHT: 780 LBS
  • 780 LBS.
power runner football blaster

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Product Description • Power Runner with Drive Sled
  • Teach players to lower shoulders, explode through the defense and hold on to the ball. Great for both offensive and defensive drills.
  • Improve quickness, agility, leg drive, ball security and proper footwork.
  • Increases repetitions and decreases injuries.
  • Vary the resistance by adjusting pads up, down or closer together.
  • Optional 18" heavy bag trains pass rushers to clear offense and apply the hit. Heavy bag hangs from a sliding swivel bracket that allows it to slide and spin with contact.
  • Optional front drive sled adds first impact.