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Rogers Powerline Sled will reward your players’ effort and dedication with game-winning proficiency. The PowerSled allows you to vary the pad angle, pad height, and number of stations so you can run a variety of drills.

  • Adjust the pad’s height and angle to put player in good football position.
  • Angle of pad’s promotes fit – extension – finish, and keeps player low.
  • Run through Sled for pass-rush drills and swim moves.

The Rogers 1-Man PowerLine Sled includes a single sled unit, along with 2 Sled Outriggers with connecting hardware.


How It’s Built

Pad Height Adjustment

Pad is held securely in place at your choice of two heights.

Pin makes it easy to install, change, and removethe pad for storage.

Pad Angle Adjustment 

Choose one of three resting angles so the pad can best suit your drills.

Lower the pad angle to practice goal line situations or raise for larger players.

Energy Absorbing Spring

High-tech energy absorbing material responds to individual effort.

Springs are encased in metal for added safety.

Link System

The sled link system is modular – allowing you to vary stations and drills by converting a 7-man into smaller sleds.

Add additional drill stations to your existing sled.

Low profile link allows players to safely run drills between the pads.

Flat Runners

Safe for grass or artificial turf.

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