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Product Description • 4-Way Neck

Like the 5-Way Neck the Pendulum 4-Way Neck machine allows you to reach a level of neck training not achievable on other neck machines available in today’s market.

Training the head and neck muscles from multiple positions is an important component to any serious strength training program. Not only can an athlete train the neck in four distinct directions, but the athlete can also train the supporting musculature of the head simply by adjusting the cam setting. The integrated S.E.T. (Set Extension Technology) cam provides 18 different settings for athletes, 4 of which specifically target the muscles that nod and tilt the head.


  • The ergonomically shaped face pad is constructed of multi-level foam covered with a soft anti-microbial material.
  • Seat height adjusts for various size athletes and for types of exercises.
  • Rotating Cam with S.E.T. (Set Extension Technology) matches strength curve technology to the athletes strength and allows adjustment in range of motion. By varying the desired degrees of motion you can target specific areas of the head and neck for training and rehabilitation.


How Pendulum Strength Machines Are Built

Manufactured in the USA

Set Extension Technology (S.E.T.)

Precision Strength Curve

Engineered strength curves for maximum results.

Accomodates Different Heights


Train with confidence surrounded by safety features including lockouts, range limiters, non-skid foot pads, and dead stops.

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