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For over 35 years, the Mod Sled has been America’s favorite training tool. Putting a Mod Sled on your practice field is a decision that will be in the “win column” now and for years to come.

The unique spring action, correct pad angle, and modular versatility have helped thousands of players perfect game-winning blocking skills. For the offensive line, the Mod Sled is ideal for drive and zone blocking. Run drills to improve pass protection and combination blocks. Advance through the sled to block the second level or to set up screen passes. On defense, practice the correct stance and motions to physically play the blocker. Run repetitions of linebacker separation drills and goal-line stands. Invert the pad for form-tackle drills.


How It’s Built

Quality Pads

One piece molded urethane foam core reinforced by a nylon-mesh with a strong inner steel frame.

Tough 18 ounce vinyl-coated nylon cover with defined target areas.

Pin Attachment

Pad is attached with a single pin that will not rise or twist when hit.

Easily change pads for different drills.

Encased Action

Coil spring mechanism is fully encased in metal for safety.

Nylon liner extends the life of the sled by reducing metal on metal wear.

Secure End Caps

End caps are welded on, not riveted, so they can’t pop off. This prevents water from entering and rusting your sled from the inside out.

Link System

The sled links system is modular – allowing you to vary stations and drills by converting a 7-man in smaller sleds.
Add additional drill stations to your existing sled.
Low profile link allows players to safely run drills between the pads.

Flat Runners

Safe for grass or artificial turf.

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