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The Lat Combo Pull provides numerous ways to train the back from different angles, different hand positions, and different grips.

One of the best ways to train the back of an athlete is with pull-ups. Coaches utilize countless ways to modify the pull-up with grip variations; underhanded, overhand wide, narrow, towel grips, thick grips etc. The Lat Combo Pull allows an athlete to train with a weight that is less, or greater, than their own bodyweight so that their training can now be progressive, measurable and meaningful.

Our unique pull-down system and variety of interchangeable handle combinations gives an athlete an arsenal of training tools for their specific programs.


  • Adjustable thigh restraint quickly locks lifter in place minimizing movement.
  • On board weight storage to help manage your weight plates.
  • Industrial sized bearings allow for reduced drag and precision strength curves. Vary your routine with a variety of interchangeable pull down handles.

Included Grip Attachments

  • Straight handles
  • Short swivel handles
  • Long swivel handles
  • J-handles

Optional Grip Attachments

  • Ab/Hands Free Straps (Pair)
  • Lat Pull Rope Handle (Pair)


How Pendulum Strength Machines Are Built

Manufactured in the USA

Set Extension Technology (S.E.T.)

Precision Strength Curve

Engineered strength curves for maximum results.

Accomodates Different Heights


Train with confidence surrounded by safety features including lockouts, range limiters, non-skid foot pads, and dead stops.

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